5 Exceptional Ways to Use Dimmable Tinting

5 Exceptional Ways to Use Dimmable Tinting

A large conference surrounded by windows

Glass is defined as an amorphous, noncrystalline solid that is, in most cases, transparent. One of its applications is in buildings. From a technological point of view, research and technology have not spared glass.

How vital is glass tint in buildings? If research findings are anything to go by, window tinting is estimated to block close to 79% of solar heat. The tint also slashes down the cost of energy that is used in running air conditioning systems. As the name suggests, dimmable tint allows easy control of visibility through the glass.

The visibility can be adjusted between transparent, translucent, opaque, and back. The controllability makes the window tint ideal for use in a variety of environments. However, it is imperative to work with an experienced tint film dealer such as ElectraTint.

If you are experiencing hardships in settling on the best product, the best service provider should advise you on the best product based on your requirements and preferences. Dimmable tint and other forms of tint can be used in a variety of environments, such as the ones listed below.

1. Offices

Various types of offices are designed for different purposes. One popular type of set-up is the open-plan office, which is designed to achieve maximum collaboration among the workers. However, this set-up can encroach on the privacy of some individuals and even the clients.

But redesigning the office from scratch to suit the needs of just a few can prove pricey. The easiest and cheapest solution is considering tinted glass partitions. If it is a dynamic kind of office, your tint dealer would be able to advise you on the best adjustable tinting solution which may be one of the following:

  • Dimmable electric glass windows
  • Automatic window tint
  • Remote controlled window tint
  • Frosted tint alternative

2. Financial Institutions

Financial institutions need a lot of privacy, security, and transparency concurrently. Achieving all that is not a tall order; all you need to do is work with an expert. One of the most suitable solutions is working with dimmable tint.

Installing remote-controlled tinted windows with the consideration of tamper-proof glass will allow workers to switch between privacy and transparency. This technology can be used in the back offices of financial institutions as well as in the front offices.

3. Medical Facilities

Hospitals have always been sensitive facilities. The most important features of medical facilities are proper aeration, privacy, and adequate lighting. Achieving these three qualities can be expensive, especially if you are not fortunate enough to work with an expert.

Lucky enough, you are reading the right article. The good news is, medical facilities can achieve all three requirements at a much lower budget. Dimmable tint, whether automatic or remote-controlled, can allow maximum light into the building, help with privacy, and to some extent, control the temperature.

4. Exhibitions

There is no better way of launching or re-launching products than through exhibitions. However, the success of the process will be determined by the design of your booth. If some potential clients require special services, you will need a private compartment.

Since the image is everything, your best bet will be looking for and working with a glass installation company to make the partition and privacy a success. The benefit that comes with it is that you can also customize the booth to suit your brand colors through LED lighting.

5. Homes

If you are a part of the population that fancies elegance, you will be pleased to know that technology can help you achieve just that and at a lower budget. Besides that, the tinting can help drive down your AC bills.

Installing and experiencing dimmable tint is one of the best ways of appreciating the benefits of modern technology. Getting the best experience will be determined by settling and working with the best tint installation company. The examples given above are among the ways you can use and appreciate various tinting products.