8 Advantages of Remote Control Tinted Windows

8 Advantages of Remote Control Tinted Windows

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Does the glare from the sun prevent you from seeing important information on your PC’s screen? Does the heat from direct sunshine cause too much warmth in your boardroom? With smart or switchable glass, you don’t have to draw your curtains each time you need controlled lighting, allowing you to put this problem in the past. Read on to learn about remote-controlled window tint and get a glimpse of the benefits that you can get from it.

What are smart glass windows?

Smart glass is a kind of glass designed to change its properties and turn from being transparent to opaque at the push of a button. Adjustable tint windows with such features use various technologies, which include electrochromic, thermo-chromic, photo-chromic, micro-blind, liquid crystal, and suspended particle technologies to change the transparency of window glasses.

What exactly are the benefits of smart glass?

1. Easy To Clean

Regular windows need a lot of attention. You’ll need curtains, shades, blinds, and all other curtain-related accessories to make such windows create privacy and block excessive light. These materials always need regular cleaning, maintenance, repair, and replacement.

But with smart windows, all these items are unnecessary, and there is minimal cleaning involved. All you need to do with smart windows is to give them a regular wipe down to prevent them from getting dusty.

2. Blocks Out Harmful Ultra-Violet Rays

Most traditional windows don’t block UV rays. Moderate exposure to UV rays may not be dangerous, but prolonged exposure has adverse effects, which include the possibility of getting skin cancer. With electrochromic glass, you can block all UV rays and protect yourself from these cancer-causing rays.

3. Protects Your Furniture And Decor

UV rays can cause fading in upholstery. All your carpets and leather and velvet furniture covers in the office can fade if exposed to direct sunlight for excessive lengths of time. But if you have remote controlled window tint, your furniture and decor will be well-protected from sun-mediated fading.

4. Smart Windows Allow You To Access Full Sunlight When You Need It

A single press of a button on your remote can allow you to change the properties of your dimmable windows. The remote controlled window tint can disappear to grant you access to outdoor views and direct lighting and the ambient sun’s heat. The outdoor views and light are all linked to improved emotional wellness and productivity among the occupants of your office.

Tinting window films can reduce the glare by half and allow 30% to 80% of visible light through your windows. This capability of switchable windows reduces reliance on artificial lighting during the day.

5. Easy To Control

Smart windows rely on electric controls, which can switch on the tinting effect from remote locations. As such, you don’t have to rush to your office to save your furniture from fading. Such windows can also be controlled by sunlight, heat sensors, or smart home systems.

6. Smart Glass Is Becoming Affordable.

As demand and technological advances increase, the prices of smart glass are declining. These windows are becoming more affordable and accessible to more people who need them.

7. Remote Controlled Window Tint Provides Privacy On Demand

You can make any room in your office private with a simple flick of a switch. With smart windows, you don’t have to fumble with clumsy blinds or curtains to block the direct view of your office from other outdoor areas.

8. They Can Save You Money

Smart windows reflect almost 98% of the sunlight falling on them. This helps prevent unintentional indoor heating and the need for air conditioning during hot seasons. The reduced need for air conditioning can save you money.

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