Male patient tells the doctor about his health complaints
Medical Privacy and Smart Window Tint: What You Need to Know

Every healthcare worker is aware of the importance of patient privacy. However, in the Information Age, the responsibility to protect patient privacy is facing continual challenges. Has your company updated…

glass windows in a home
Does the Dynamic Glass Act of 2021 Include Smart Window Tint?

In March of this year, Congressman Steven Horsford of Nevada reintroduced the Dynamic Glass Act of 2021. This bill would offer incentives to businesses investing in the technology and utilization…

Smart window tint for your home
Home Office Privacy On-Demand

The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused many companies to institute work-at-home requirements for their staff members. While this is an advantage for some, it can be challenging for others. If your…

Commercial application
Confidential Meetings 101

Your company’s human resources department deals with a lot of issues that should be kept confidential. Staff salaries and payroll are typically overseen by HR, as well as health insurance….

Benefits of Investing in Smart Windows for Homes
Benefits of Investing in Smart Windows for Homes

The benefits of smart windows are endless! Adjustable tint windows, also known as smart windows, use automatic window tinting technology to provide privacy on demand for any home, office, or…

dimmable window tint
5 Benefits of Having Smart Windows in Your Office

Why are more and more businesses getting smart windows? Because they not only give an office a modern and professional look, but they also provide numerous benefits that any office manager will appreciate.

dimmable windows - a conference room in a high-rise office
Why Smart Windows Are the Way of the Future

Here’s why dimmable windows are a must for every home or office. Contact MHDT for more information today!

A shared space in an office high rise surrounded by windows
Benefits of Privacy On Demand Window Tinting

Let’s learn about the top benefits you can experience with privacy on demand window tinting.

powered window tint
Why Interior Designers Are Increasingly Using Smart Glass Film

Discover why interior designers are using powered window tint more frequently in their design for office spaces.

A large conference surrounded by windows
5 Exceptional Ways to Use Dimmable Tinting

Discover the variety of environments in which you can utilize the modern technology of dimmable tint and other forms of window tint.

An exterior photo of a glass building
8 Advantages of Remote Control Tinted Windows

Learn about remote controlled window tint and get a glimpse of the benefits that you can experience when you install it in your office

electrochromic window film buy online
What Is Driving Electrochromic Window Film Trends?

Electrochromic window films have become one of the most convenient options for commercial and residential properties looking for privacy. Enhance the interior of your home or office with MHDT.

Electrically controlled window tint
The Science of Smart Windows: How Electronic Window Tint Works

Electrically controlled window tints are one of the best ways to achieve comfort in your home. Find out how they work with ElectraTint.

The Future of the Smart Window Industry - electrochromic film buy online
The Future of the Smart Window Industry

Convenience sells, as does the chance to save money over time, and it’s no different when it comes to an electrochromic film. This industry is likely to continue growing for years to come.

Dimmable window tint - Smart Tint - ELECTROCHROMIC GLASS - Buy online
Want Smart Windows? Here’s Why You Should Get Them

Want to learn more about the benefits of smart windows? Let’s dive in to just a few of the many reasons why you should invest in smart windows from MH Dimmable Tint.

smart windows - smart window tinting ELECTROCHROMIC
The Rise of the Smart Windows: Why You Need One for Your Business

Transition windows can have numerous benefits for your business. Read on to learn about just a few of the most important ones.

What Is Electrochromic Film for Windows - Young man on window sill
What Is Electrochromic Film for Windows?

Let’s talk about electrochromic film for windows and why it can help your business increase your privacy and efficiency.