Smart Window Tint

glass windows in a home
Does the Dynamic Glass Act of 2021 Include Smart Window Tint?

In March of this year, Congressman Steven Horsford of Nevada reintroduced the Dynamic Glass Act of 2021. This bill would offer incentives to businesses investing in the technology and utilization…

Smart window tint for your home
Home Office Privacy On-Demand

The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused many companies to institute work-at-home requirements for their staff members. While this is an advantage for some, it can be challenging for others. If your…

Commercial application
Confidential Meetings 101

Your company’s human resources department deals with a lot of issues that should be kept confidential. Staff salaries and payroll are typically overseen by HR, as well as health insurance….

How Does a Self Tinting Window Film Actually Work - self tinting window film
How Does a Self Tinting Window Film Actually Work?

In the past, the only way to block the heat of the sun was with heavy curtains or shutters. Discover why the invention of self-tinting window film is so important and how it can help you save money.