Commercial Electrochromic Glass Film Installation

Conference Room Privacy with the Flip of a Switch

ElectraTint smart window tint is an essential and complementary element for streamlining your business practices, giving your office that cutting-edge look, and placing your office at the forefront of sophistication and technology. By transitioning from transparent to opaque instantly, you can rest assured that our smart window tint will provide conference room privacy in an instant. When privacy is needed in a busy office, flip the switch or use our app to go from no privacy to full privacy.

You can easily turn the film opaque by switch, remote, voice or desktop tablet when you want to host a confidential meeting in the privacy of a conference room or leave the tint clear to show your employees when you’re open for questions and concerns. But don’t stop there; we encourage our customers to get creative when they want the best in office efficiency. When you’re struck with a bolt of inspiration, you can even use our electronic tint for dry erase applications or for projecting images or videos on.

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Always wished that you could utilize window space for marketing but are unwilling to sacrifice your view to the world outside? Our electronic window film can handle both situations, let the outside world in when the film is clear and after hours make it opaque and project promotions, commercials, etc. There are endless possibilities provided by our custom installed electronic window tint.

When you’re ready to invest in the productivity and cutting edge appearance of your office, with the clearest electronic window tint on the market don’t hesitate to contact MHDT at (833) 422-1329, and truly have Privacy On Demand®! Our Electronic tinting film has the longest warranty* available at 5-year warranty* the file 2-year warranty on installation.

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