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Business operations frequently demand the use of a private space for meetings. Conference areas are commonly surrounded by offices or group work areas, making privacy and confidential conversations a challenge. Even if discussions cannot be overheard, attendees and interactions can be easily observed, reducing any control management has over knowledge of meetings.

In addition to privacy concerns, meetings in offices or conference rooms can be a distraction to the staff surrounding them, and vice versa. If a meeting requires the use of audio-visual applications, projections on smart screens, and other meeting supports, these can be all but impossible for nearby personnel to ignore. Likewise, it may be difficult for the presenter of a report or presentation to deliver information easily with staff talking to each other, making phone calls, and getting up and down from their desks close by and in clear sight.

ElectraTint smart window tint is an innovative solution for increasing your office’s efficiency and operations. While your conference area may be integrated within other workspaces or surrounded by offices, ElectraTint’s conference room privacy glass provides a seamless solution. You can have privacy for your meetings without the distraction of any kind. It’s even possible to use our electronic tint for dry erase applications or for projecting images or videos on.

Product Cost Benefits

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Some conference rooms are located along the exterior of a business. Meetings are visible to the employees and guests in the work area on one or two sides and visible to the outside world from the remaining sides. The glare and heat of the sun hitting these sides may make controlling the temperature of the room a challenge, particularly during the warm spring and hot summer months.

ElectraTint smart window films are PDLC films. This means they are composed of liquid crystal sandwiched between two layers of film. It is an ideal way to reduce light glare from the sun. When electricity is applied, it can switch from a frosted state to clear at the touch of a button. This can reduce heat gain to lower air conditioning costs when temperatures are higher. In the winter, it offers the ability to utilize glass that absorbs and reradiates heat from the sun.



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Switchable smart glass

ElectraTint smart window tint can easily switch your office’s glass film opaque by the switch, remote, voice command, or desktop tablet for confidential meetings in the privacy of a conference room. The privacy film can be left clear when the conference room is not in use or to communicate that interruptions by staff are permitted if necessary.

Upgrade Your Office

In the past, business owners sometimes chose to install blinds or curtains to meeting areas in an effort to maintain privacy. However, these solutions had drawbacks. They often made the space feel claustrophobic and soon looked dated. Curtains and blinds are areas where dust collects, which results in the need for regular cleaning and maintenance.

ElectraTint conference room privacy glass films are not only an ideal way to add privacy to your meeting spaces. Our glazing also upgrades the appearance of your office. A wide variety of patterns and opacities are available that allow light to shine in with style, unlike other window covering options.

You can significantly upgrade your office’s decor with the installation of the ElectraTint Smart Privacy film to your glass conference rooms. They can be customized to provide your desired level of privacy for your confidential meetings while adding sophistication and elegance to your office’s appearance.   Whether your business is new construction or an office refurbishment or remodel, switchable smart glass is an intelligent choice. Our privacy glass film works in a large variety of scenarios and the glass can be installed to be all types of frames, track, and partition systems.

Intelligent and versatile

Switchable smart glass films are cost-effective because they can be applied to your existing glass. There is no need to replace your glass. If you would like to replace your glass, your choice can be installed in various types of frames, track, and partition systems. ElectraTint can make any workspace more dynamic and functional with the benefits of smart glass. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss your ideas for adding a switchable smart glass film to your meeting rooms.

When you’re ready to invest in the productivity and cutting edge appearance of your office with the clearest electronic window tint on the market carrying the longest warranty* available at 5-year warranty* the file 2-year warranty on installation, don’t hesitate to contact Electratint at 833-422-1329, and truly have Privacy On Demand!®

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