Is It Worth the Investment? A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Electric Window Tint Installations for Businesses

Is It Worth the Investment? A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Electric Window Tint Installations for Businesses

Window tinting provides many benefits for commercial spaces, from energy savings to security, glare reduction and fade protection. However, electric smart window films that can dynamically change from clear to tinted come at a higher initial price point compared to standard static tint. 

Contact the experts at ElectraTint for a free consultation and quote. Below we analyze the cost-benefit breakdown to see if the investment pays dividends for business owners.

Upfront Cost Comparison 

Installing standard non-electric tint film costs $3-$7 per square foot. In contrast, electric smart films range from $25-$80 per square foot installed. At first glance, this significant upfront delta seems hard to justify. However, factored over the lifetime of the building, the energy efficiency gains and customization abilities of electric tint provide a worthwhile return on investment.

Energy & HVAC Savings 

By blocking over 99% of infrared solar radiation, intelligent photovoltaic glass greatly reduces solar heat gain inside a building. This equates to less demand on air conditioning and sizable HVAC cost savings, especially in hot climates. 

Properly installed electric film can cut HVAC expenses by 15% or more annually. For a 2,000 sq. ft. installation, first-year savings often exceeds $2,000. These recurring savings quickly offset the initial price premium of electric tint. And HVAC systems see less wear and tear as well, reducing maintenance costs.

Optimized Daylighting 

Electric smart films also provide superior lighting comfort compared to traditional tint. Standard window film has a fixed level of light transmission and tint that remains static night and day. However, intelligent electric options utilize voice-activated or app control to instantly switch glass from transparent to tinted mode on demand. 

This dynamic daylight optimization promotes visual acuity and productivity during sun-drenched days while still allowing instant glare control as needed. The adjustability creates comfortably bright spaces with less reliance on indoor lighting as well.

Automated Privacy Settings 

Is It Worth the Investment? A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Electric Window Tint Installations for Businesses

Intelligent glass also optimizes privacy far beyond standard film. Electric smart tint allows granular control over visibility and discretion. With dynamic electric films, customizable privacy takes just seconds to activate.

  • Retail stores can maintain transparency during business hours for curb appeal and product display but opacity at closing time for security
  • Medical offices allow daytime visibility but become opaque as needed for patient privacy
  • Hotels can default to full transparency for daylighting but quickly frost over rooms at night

Innovative Touchscreen Controls 

For the ultimate in optimization and automation, electric smart films feature optional slim touchscreen controllers. Programmable control pads make altering sunlight, glare and privacy levels as easy as tapping a button. 

Custom presets for dawn, midday, dusk and night automatically shift settings for ideal ambient conditions around the clock. This degree of effortless automation maximizes visual clarity, while minimizing eyestrain and energy costs continuously over months and years of use.

Enhanced Fade Protection 

All quality window tints block UV rays to prevent fading of interior furnishings, though no film can block 100% of UV. However, electric smart options take fade protection one step further. Intelligent glass continually monitors incoming daylight and can actively darken whenever hazardous UV exposure is present. 

This spectral intelligence acts as an early warning system against damage from solar radiation. Over decades, the advanced filtration preserves interiors more effectively than standard film alone.

Crime Deterrence 

The custom privacy settings of electric window tint also bolster after-hours security. Retail stores typically prefer transparency during business hours for curb appeal, then privacy mode at closing to obscure merchandise from view. This visibility control deters smash-and-grab burglaries. 

Dynamic smart glass makes establishments appear occupied at all hours as well. For ground floor offices, adaptive frosting at night prevents sight lines for would-be burglars while still allowing daylighting during work hours.

Bird-Safe Design 

Large spans of exterior glass pose a collision risk for birds in urban areas. However, external application of patterned window film provides a simple solution without obstructing sight lines. Electric options allow the pattern to appear selectively. 

Activatable stripes or dots make glass visible to birds while remaining transparent to building occupants most of the time. This creative dynamic patterning enhances avian safety while retaining desirable aesthetics.

Efficient Upgrade for Existing Buildings 

While intelligent photovoltaic glass also suits new construction, electric smart films provide an energy upgrade to existing buildings as well. By converting previously static glass into automatically responsive smart glass, real estate owners can cut HVAC costs, optimize lighting conditions, and achieve sustainability goals with minimal disruption to tenants or workflow. This scalable retrofit option brings substantial benefits to aging structures.


At first consideration, the higher price tag of electric smart window tint may seem questionable for cost-conscious business owners. However, the multitude of benefits outline a compelling value proposition. Over 5-8 years, energy savings alone frequently offset much of the upfront price premium. 

When factoring the combined ongoing savings in HVAC, lighting, maintenance, privacy, and security, intelligent glass pays solid dividends across commercial settings. To consult with a tint specialist on maximizing return from an electric film installation, contact ElectraTint at 833-422-1329 or for a free quote tailored to your property.