Iron Doors with Smart Window Tint

Iron Doors with Smart Window Tint

Iron Doors with Smart Tint

Beautiful iron doors are very popular in North Texas homes, as well as other cities. Not only are they elegant, the iron adds security to a home, which increases their appeal. However, the clear glass inserts behind the ironwork do come with a couple of challenges for some homeowners.

Lack of Privacy

As beautiful as iron doors are, they do not offer the homeowner any privacy in the entryway of their home. If there is a clear line of sight into other areas of the home, as is common with many open floor plans, privacy is compromised here, as well. Security may also be a concern.

Beautiful iron doors with privacy film glass

Electratint Provides Privacy

Installing smart window film on the glass of your iron doors preserves their beauty while also offering the privacy and security you need. The click of a button switches the film from being clear to opaque. In its opaque or frosted state, the film functions as an electronic blind or window shade. This privacy can be set on a timer or adjusted on an as-needed basis.

Floor damage

Depending on how your home is situated, sunlight coming through the glass can have detrimental affects on wood floors. Morning or afternoon sunlight can be strong, especially in Texas. Exposure to UV rays lightens certain types of wood while darkening others. It is important to stop the discoloration of your floors before it becomes noticeable.

sunlight can fade furniture, rugs, floors

Electratint Protects Your Floors

Smart window film can offer protection from both UV light and infrared rays (IRR). Electratint’s smart tint can block up to 99% UV and infrared lights, providing the best protection for your floors from sunlight exposure.

The sunlight can also raise the temperature of your home in the areas near your doors if they are hit directly. Smart window tint aids in heat rejection by deflecting sunlight. This helps keep the interior temperature of your home cooler even on sunny days.

Furniture and Upholstery Damage

Most homeowners take pride in the way our house looks. A lot of effort is put into finding furniture and interior decor that shows off our personal style. We move our furniture carefully and try to avoid spills that could stain our belongings.

Natural light tends to showcase our interior style and an abundance of it is usually a highly desirable trait in a home. However, you don’t keep your blinds or window drapes closed all the time, your furniture and upholstery may be at risk for sun damage. Day after day of sun exposure can add up, leading to faded patches of fabric in various areas. If you have leather items, the leather may become brittle and begin to crack in addition to fading.

Electratint Protects Your Furniture and Upholstery

Smart window tint provides sun damage protection for all of your indoor fabrics. It can block up to 99.9% of UV rays depending on the type of film used, preventing damage without blocking your view of the great outdoors. Smart tint lets you enjoy natural light throughout your home.

Smart window tint films enhance your privacy, shielding your valuables from sight whenever you wish. It also provides a level of sun protection for your home’s interior spaces, allowing you to enjoy natural light without the risk of sun damage. Let Electratint team’s expertise help make your home more beautiful and protected. Give us a call today at 877-562-9132.