Keep Your Home Cooler in Summer with On Off Window Tint

Keep Your Home Cooler in Summer with On Off Window Tint

Although summer in North Texas is always on the warm side, we’re seeing record high temperatures this year. Many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their electricity costs but still keep their home at a reasonable temperature in spite of the extremely hot weather. Installing smart window tint, also known as “on off window tint,” is a great way to keep your interiors cooler and get privacy on demand at the same time.

What Are the Benefits of On Off Window Tint?

Sun Protection

Homeowners utilize smart window tints for many reasons. With 99% UV blockage, Electratint’s window tint repels a substantial amount of the sun’s heat and energy. This helps keep your home from heating up as quickly as it typically would and keeps your utility bill lower. By repelling the sun’s ultraviolet rays, you can also reduce or eliminate the damage that your furniture and interior can sustain from sun exposure. Your home’s furnishings and interiors will look newer for longer, much like your skin staying younger-looking longer as a result of wearing sunscreen!

Increased Privacy and Security

Privacy window film allows natural light while providing increased privacy for your home. On Off window tint has a reflective finish that reflects sunlight, like a mirror. Those outside your home will see only their reflection in your windows rather than seeing into your home. While views from the outside are blocked, beautiful natural light is still able to be enjoyed from inside your home.

On Off Window Tint is also an ideal solution for commercial properties, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, schools, and other environments where natural light is desirable, but privacy is also a priority. Smart window tint improves the exterior appearance of your home or business while providing both sun protection and privacy.

Healthier Alternative to Window Treatments

Large windows are beautiful attributes of a home, but they can also mean your home becomes quite hot during the summer months. Blinds, curtains, or electronic shades can be very helpful to reduce the effect of the sun’s glare on the temperature of the home, but you will have to sacrifice the view from the window. Also, shades, blinds, and window treatments can harbor dust and dirt that aggravate allergies for family members, making smart window tint a hypoallergenic alternative. Blinds, window treatments, and shades require cleaning on a regular basis, which is not the case with window films.

woman looking through dusty blinds

More Budget-Friendly than New Windows or Window Treatments

On Off Window tint offers shading or screening to help cool down the home and provide privacy at a more budget-friendly cost than new windows or window treatments. Smart window tint can replace the need for an electronic window shade at times of strong sunlight. Our cutting edge window film uses liquid crystals and electricity to block out the light entering the home. Homeowners can utilize the window tint to allow for a clear view out or they can turn it off and have an opaque screen. Looks and levels of transparency differ depending on the product you choose.

Energy savings and increased privacy are great reasons for utilizing smart window tinting in your home. By installing smart window tint that can be controlled to change the shading and transparency of the glass, homeowners have greater control over their energy usage, especially in the heat of the summer. They can also control their privacy without the need to install new windows or window treatments.