Retrofitting Existing Windows vs. New Installations

Retrofitting Existing Windows vs. New Installations

If you’re looking to upgrade the windows in your home, you essentially have two options, retrofit the existing windows or do a full replacement with new window installations. Both approaches have their pros and cons, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully. 

As a leading provider of window tinting and window treatments, ElectraTint has seen how a thoughtful window upgrade can transform homeowners’ comfort, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and even curb appeal. Read on as we explore the key factors to consider when deciding between retrofitting or replacing your windows.

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The Condition of Your Existing Windows

The first thing to assess is the current state of your windows. 

Are they severely damaged or deteriorated? 

Do they show signs of rot, cracking, heavy air or water leakage? 

If so, a retrofit may not be feasible. Damaged window frames and sashes may be too far gone to provide a sound base for upgrades like new glazing, tinting films, or window inserts. In that case, full-frame replacement windows are likely your best bet.

On the other hand, if your current windows are in decent shape overall, a retrofit could save you money compared to the costs of new custom windows and professional installations. Upgrading well-maintained existing windows can extend their lifespan, enhance appearance, and improve performance.

Energy Efficiency Goals

A key driver for many homeowners in window upgrades is achieving better energy efficiency. Swapping out single pane windows for new double or triple pane windows can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. New window installations provide an opportunity to choose high-performance frames and glazing that meet ENERGY STAR® requirements.

Determining whether your existing windows can be retrofitted to meet your efficiency goals depends on factors like frame material and design. For example, thermally broken aluminum frames offer more possibilities than hollow wood frames in this regard. An experienced window pro can assess your current windows and advise whether upgrades like weatherstripping, storm windows, or tinting films can optimize efficiency or if you need a full replacement to get the energy savings you want.

Noise Reduction

In areas with high exterior noise pollution from traffic, construction, or other factors, both window retrofits and new installations can help dampen outside sounds. Multi-pane windows with thicker, laminated glazing filter more noise than single pane glass. While full replacements allow you to customize frames and glass specifications for maximum noise reduction, retrofits like acoustically rated tinting films also make a noticeable difference in sound dampening.

Cost Considerations

Not surprisingly, the costs of retrofitting existing windows are typically lower than a full-frame window replacement project. The material expenses are less, and labor costs are reduced when the window frame and surrounding trim can be preserved. That being said, certain retrofits like adding triple pane glass inserts can get close to replacement costs. And in cases where the current window frames can’t support upgrades, replacement is the only viable option.

When planning your project and budget, be sure to get multiple estimates. Consult with window experts at ElectraTint to explore both retrofit and replacement options. This will allow you to make an informed decision based on your home’s unique needs and goals. Our team can provide accurate pricing for installing new windows or tinting/modifying existing windows, you know which route truly makes the most financial sense.

Boosting Curb Appeal

One advantage that brand new window installations have over retrofits is the potential for radical improvements in your home’s exterior aesthetics. Replacing dated, worn windows with models featuring clean lines and updated framing materials significantly modernizes a home’s curb appeal.

Likewise, swapping out miniblinds for integrated blind systems or switching frosty, cracked glass for crystal clear low-E glazing gives the home a sleek, contemporary look. And custom new construction windows offer exciting design options like geometric shapes or floor-to-ceiling picture windows difficult to achieve by retrofitting existing frameworks.

That said, retrofits like exterior tinting films, muntin grids, or exterior decorative trim can also noticeably enhance existing windows’ appearance. And lower costs mean you can afford to upgrade windows in more areas of your home. If budget is a concern but you want to improve street appeal, retrofits present an attractive option.

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Ease of Maintenance

Many homeowners considering window upgrades are seeking lower maintenance options. New window installations offer convenient features like tilt-in capabilities for easy interior and exterior washing. Modern vinyl or fiberglass frames reduce the need for periodic painting required with wood windows.

Premium low-E glass coatings and inert gas fills between glass panes minimize surface condensation and frost. Contemporary composites like vinyl and fiberglass provide better insulation than metals for reduced seasonal expansion and contraction. Such qualities inherent in new windows facilitate easier upkeep.

Retrofitting existing windows with updates like tinting films, applied surface coatings, or storm windows can also decrease maintenance requirements. However, the underlying frames and operating mechanisms, especially on older windows, may still require frequent repairs or part replacements. This is something to take into account when deciding between retrofit vs replacement.

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When considering smart window tint, deciding between retrofitting existing windows or new installations is an important choice. ElectraTint’s experts can help assess your options and provide recommendations customized for your space.

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