Want Smart Windows? Here's Why You Should Get Them

Want Smart Windows? Here’s Why You Should Get Them

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Commercial businesses spent nearly $5,998 million in 2014 on energy costs. The total consumption of energy was 609 trillion Btu.

Are you looking for a way for your business to save on energy costs? Consider installing smart windows.

Want to learn more about the benefits of smart windows? Here’s why you should get smart windows from ElectraTint.

What Are Smart Windows?

Smart tint windows is an electrochromic film that a professional can apply to any glass surface. You can instantly switch the film between on and off. When it’s off, the film is opaque. When it’s on, it’s transparent.

Here are the reasons why you should install smart tint windows at your place of business.

1. Privacy

When you’re having a private meeting, you want no distractions. It’s cumbersome to get up and close all the blinds in your office. If you have no blinds, then you don’t get any privacy.

With smart tint windows, all you have to do hit the switch, and you get instant privacy.

2. Control Over Glare

Have you ever tried to work on your laptop in the office and had to situate yourself so that the sun’s glare isn’t on your laptop screen? The glare is annoying, makes it difficult to work, and makes you lose productivity.

Or, maybe it’s the opposite and you love an office full of sunshine. With smart windows, you can control the amount of sunlight and glare that enters the room.

3. Energy-Saving

Smart windows can help you save on energy costs. In fact, this technology can reduce energy consumption by 12%.

There’s a reason why you’re told to close your blinds during the hottest parts of the summer days. The sun is a source of heat. The blinds act as a barrier from the heat of the sunlight from entering your home.

The dark film of smart windows works the same way. They reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that enter a room. In the winter, you can turn on the transparent feature to allow sunlight in.

4. Apply It to Any Glass Surface

You can also apply smart window tint to other glass surfaces such as doors, glass partitions, or skylights. This way, you can have complete control over light and privacy.

The smart window technology can also be used as a projector screen during presentations.

5. Looks Great

In addition to the benefits above, smart windows look aesthetically pleasing. They give your office a classy, professional look.

At work, professional appearances matter. You want to impress your clients when they walk in your office.

Contact ElectraTint Dimmable Window Tint to Learn More About Smart Windows

Smart windows are easy and quick to install. Once they’re on your windows, you can control them with the click of your mobile app or a remote.

Want to learn more about how smart windows can benefit your business? Contact ElectraTint with any questions.