What Is Driving Electrochromic Window Film Trends?

What Is Driving Electrochromic Window Film Trends?

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All indicators show that businesses, industries, and owners of residential properties are responding positively to the smart window film technology. It is estimated that by 2025, the size of the electric window market will hit $10 billion.

There is a reason why electrochromic window film technology is gaining momentum. It is not just a cool addition to your home or office, but a technology that can cut down utility bills and is environmentally-friendly. It has proven useful at a time when businesses are obliged to adhere to sustainable practices. In this article, we’ll be looking at why businesses are using this technology more and more.

Going Green with Smart Windows

Half of all energy consumed in buildings in the form of heat and light is lost through windows and doors. Scientists in the past have come up with new technologies such as low-emissivity glass. It is a type of glass that has a silver coating on the inside and can reflect light back into the room.

But new regulations and standards have developed that encourage energy efficiency and improvement of indoor environmental quality. More residential properties and commercial premises are trying to meet the standards set by regulatory bodies such as the Green Globe and NGBS (National Green Building Standard).

Unfortunately, older solutions such as switchable privacy films, do not provide the versatility you can get with an electric window. Unlike low-emissivity glass, an electrochromic window film can be programmed to respond to light and temperature changes in your office or home. It gives you more options you can take advantage of to save energy and cut utility bills.

Easy Integration with Other Technologies

Another reason smart window tint is becoming popular is its ability to integrate with other popular technologies emerging today. The glass can be controlled with mobile phone apps to automate actions and make energy use more effective.

Nowadays, you can also use it with voice assistants like Google Home or Amazon Echo. You can impress your visitors and colleagues by switching the windows from transparent to opaque and back with a single voice command. Besides making the office look sleek, it is more convenient to use your voice to change the settings of the glass if your hands are full.

IoT or the Internet of Things is yet another technology that is proving useful for maximizing the benefits of smart windows. IoT offers better control, enhanced manageability, and more configuration options for your home or office. You can integrate it with HVAC to maximize its energy-saving benefits. It is also easier to track data on the energy consumption of the building. It generates accurate and reliable information that can provide insights to improve the system or win funding for future projects.

Privacy on Demand

The electrochromic window film can turn from opaque to transparent and back at the click of a button. When electricity flows through the LCD window tint, it prevents light from going through. It makes privacy much easier to implement where light and darkness requirements vary.


To show how versatile electrochromic window film technology has proven to be, consider its use in the transportation industry. For example, the Mercedes S-Coupe has the Magic Sky Control Panoramic Roof, which can be completely transparent or opaque depending on the passengers’ preferences. The window protects the inside of the car from infrared and ultra-violet rays. Other airlines such as Boeing and Airbus are now including the electrochromic window films on their plane windows.

The Future

More businesses and industries are embracing smart window film technology. Scientists have recently been working to improve the technology further. For example, researchers are trying to combine the glass with solar cells, such that it can generate energy when it turns opaque. All in all, the technology has proven to be useful so far in reducing heating and lighting needs for buildings. It is also one of the most convenient options for commercial and residential properties looking for privacy.

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