What Is Electrochromic Film for Windows?

What Is Electrochromic Film for Windows?

Young man is sitting on window tint and looking out at sunset

Smartphones, smartwatches, smart laundry, smart stoves, smart fridges, smart lights, smart everything! We’re living in a world where soon enough we’ll all wear smart socks to bed.

But even in a world of smart things sometimes we still run into problems. Businesses wishing to protect their privacy spend buckets of cash on quality blinds to protect conference room privacy, office privacy, etc.

So why don’t we have smart blinds? We sort of do, but they’re just slow inefficient motor-controlled blinds. But what if there were another way? Enter electrochromic film.

Electrochromic film works like automatic blinds for your windows. Though instead of slow, mechanical blinds, electrochromic film is controlled with a touch of your smartphone.

Yes, even our windows are a smart device. So today, we want to talk about electrochromic film for windows and why it can help your business increase your privacy and efficiency.

What is Electrochromic Film for Windows?

Electrochromic glass film is an electrically-charged film that goes over top of your existing windows. It’s sort of like an automatic window tint. At the push of a button, the glass goes from clear to opaque or vice versa.

When electricity passes through the film tiny crystals line up, allowing light to pass through. When someone turns off the electricity the crystals randomly orient themselves and light scatters, creating the opaque look.

Traditional film kits connect to an external switch, but modern kits offer smartphone control.

Why Choose Electrochromic Film?

Simple, privacy and cost.

There are entire window sets where the windows themselves are electrochromic, but they have an exorbitant price tag. Electrochromic films are much cheaper and take much less effort to install.

Now onto privacy. We mentioned above that electrochromic can help improve privacy around the office. The question is, why would you need the privacy and why not opt for traditional window tint?

First, you need privacy for a myriad of reasons. Though liability is the only reason that really matters. Electrochromic film ensures that no one can see what’s happening inside your company, conference rooms, etc., that might result in lost intellectual property or a lawsuit.

Sure, you could use tinted windows, but tinted windows are always dark. Workers, and yourself, would probably appreciate seeing the sun every one and a while. Plus, turning off the lights can help save on electricity costs. Lowering overhead is never a bad thing.

Buying Electrochromic Film

Electrochromic film for windows isn’t hard to come by, but it’s not exactly commonplace. What’s more, not every company selling the film knows how to properly install the film. That’s why we want to extend you a helping hand.

If you’re thinking about installing electrochromic film, get in touch with us. Our team can help you choose the right install for your needs. Let us help you protect your privacy.