Why Smart Windows Are the Way of the Future

Why Smart Windows Are the Way of the Future

dimmable windows - a conference room in a high-rise office

The advent of electricity has made homes and buildings more automated, and this level of automation has been increasing ever since. Electric washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners make life much easier and efficient. The same can be said for electrically controlled window tints, a technology that allows windows to automatically change from transparent to opaque with a tap of a smartphone or even a voice command.

Large open panels of windows can look very sleek and modern, but they’re also known to provide a lack of privacy. Worse yet, uncovered windows can severely decrease energy efficiency. Allowing sunlight to pass through on a bright summer’s day will heat up the room and require more energy from fans and central air to cool the room back down, in turn running up electricity costs.

In addition, uncovered windows do nothing to protect your skin from the damage that the sun’s harmful UV rays can cause.

Dimmable Windows: The Solution

There is a surprisingly easy way to fix to all these problems. Instead of opting for curtains, blinds, or window shades, companies like ElectraTint offer PDLC film that provides privacy on demand and blocks out the sun without blocking the view. PDLC Film, which stands for polymer dispersed liquid crystal, is also known as a smart window tint or electric window tint. This technology, consisting of liquid crystal between two layers of film, uses different levels of electrical charge to control the transparency of the glass.

There is also an electrochromic window film, which changes transparency when it is exposed to electrical voltage. There are a number of advantages to electrochromic glass: it is more durable, the tint can be controlled manually, and it only uses power when it transitions between shades.

Smart Windows Are the Future For Your Business or Home

The optimal time for installing smart windows is during construction since electrical wiring is often required, however, the technology can be retrofitted to a preexisting building with ease. Since many modern office buildings are made almost entirely of glass, dimmable windows are a must. For employees working into the late hours of the evening, organically controlling the lighting and temperature of an indoor office is much more efficient than solely depending on expensive air conditioning and lights.

In fact, window tinting can save you up to 40% on the cost of utilities. Many hospitals, stadiums, schools, and other government buildings are utilizing smart glass technology, including NASA Sustainability Base in Mountain View, California.

This technology is also available for homes. Smart window tint offered by ElectraTint is compatible with any type of glass regardless of its shape. A custom fitting can provide your home with the comfort, security, and privacy you have always wanted. Face it: curtains and blinds are becoming obsolete, smart windows are the way of the future.

If you are considering installing dimmable windows or tint for your home or business, contact the experts at ElectraTint.