Window Privacy for Your Home

Window Privacy for Your Home

Windows are not only functional, but they make your home more beautiful and allow for natural light to come in. Many homes today have windows in every room. While they provide beauty, they also provide those on the outside with the ability to see into your home. There are many reasons why you would want to have window privacy film on your home’s windows.  Your home’s comfort and aesthetics, safety, and privacy are excellent reasons for privacy tint.

In order to maximize the privacy of your home without compromising the natural light function of your windows, be strategic about your window treatment choices. There is an endless variety of options, including blinds, shades, privacy window tint, curtains, and drapes. Each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Home Privacy and Security

Privacy window film is ideal for allowing natural light while providing privacy. Window film has a reflective finish that reflects sunlight, similar to a mirror. Those outside your home will not be able to see inside, only their own reflection. While views from the outside are blocked, those inside can still see out perfectly and substantial natural light can still pass through.

Luxurious master bedroom with large windows

Wherever privacy film is installed, a more secure environment is created. Despite the fact that window tint allows you to see through to the outside easily, the material makes it more difficult for people outside to see inside your home. This means that not only are would-be thieves unable to look in and see if desirable items are accessible, but they cannot determine if the room is occupied or not. In the event of accidental or even intentional window breakage, window film can assist keep the glass together in a single piece. Making your home more challenging and time-consuming to break into is a deterrent to many criminals, so the lack of visibility and the physical challenge of getting inside your home could be all the deterrent that is needed to convince a would-be thief to move on to another house.

Home Protection

Window tinting gives a sophisticated, polished touch to your windows, with the look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost while providing additional benefits. The right window tinting can block as much as 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. In addition to protecting your eyes and skin from UV exposure, window tint also protects art work, window treatments, furnishings, flooring and upholstery from the sun’s rays as well. This protection can help your belongings from fading or discoloration.

Window privacy film not only improves the look of your home, but makes the inside of your home a more comfortable temperature. Privacy tint will help you maintain a cooler interior temperature in the summer season and a warmer one in the winter, helping reduce your utility costs.  Energy savings and UV protection for your home’s interior are terrific reasons for utilizing smart window tinting in your home.

Electratint’s privacy window film can be integrated into a range of smart home systems including Crestron, Lutron, Leviton, Savant, and Control4. You can not only make your home more beautiful with a design you love, but improve your home’s security with Privacy On Demand®! Contact us today for more information!