Privacy Tinting for Hospitals

Adding Privacy via Electric Tinting Windows

In response to the continuing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, hospitals are experiencing a change in operations and increased scrutiny. With these changes comes the need for increased privacy. There is also the need for more usable space. The use of Electratint’s smart window and glass tint allows existing space to be utilized more effectively and maximizes remaining space for patients and treatments without compromising privacy. This is a significant improvement over a curtain that is pulled around a patient’s bed. Not only does tinted glass offer privacy from other patients, it provides more protection as well. Discussions with patients are contained; there is increased security from infection germs passing between or under curtains. The protection smart tint offers is an asset in any healthcare environment.

privacy for hospital room

The HIPAA Privacy Rule

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law. It established mandatory national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from disclosure without patient consent or knowledge. The US Department of Health and Human Services released the HIPAA Privacy Rule in order to implement the requirements of HIPAA. 

While not intended to bar healthcare providers from talking to their patients, the provisions of this Rule requires covered entities to implement reasonable safeguards.  The Privacy Rule acknowledges that verbal interactions between healthcare providers and patients must frequently occur quickly and freely in treatment settings. Consequently, the Rule also acknowledges that overheard communications in these settings may be unavoidable. What is considered “unavoidable” may be subject to debate, however. An entity that implements additional privacy and health safeguards not only is protecting its patients; it is safeguarding its own continued and successful operation.  

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The ElectraTint Difference

The implementation of Electratint smart window tinting is an investment in your facility’s future operations as well as in the care of your patients and staff. Providing privacy as needed in a healthcare setting allows staff to focus on treatment; their patient’s privacy concerns have already been addressed with the flip of a switch. Usable space is at a premium in all business environments. When factoring in the need for privacy and protection, space that meets these requirements increases efficiency and offers flexibility. Confidential discussions or meetings between healthcare providers or between patients and providers can take place quickly and easily, without the need to locate an open conference room or office. With a switch, a button, or a voice command, ElectraTint offers the adaptability and protection today’s healthcare environments need.


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